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3 SEO Tips for a Dominant Local Strategy


3 SEO Tips for a Dominant Local Strategy

Business is tough. Online Marketing might be tougher.

It is no secret that the internet is changing the way consumers interact with businesses. More and more customers want to order through mobile apps, find information easily through websites, and spend an afternoon shopping from home. Things are different and businesses are being forced to change or pack up. Changing with the time though is much easier said than done. There are way too many topics, too many fields of thought to keep track of everything. Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Website Design, Link Building are  just a few of these different internet strategies that are required for online success.

As a small business without a corporate marketing budget, there are many things that you can do to stay competitive in the online world. These all revolve around local strategy.



Marketing - It Takes A While

Jason Khoo - Marketing, It Takes A While

I had a rewarding conversation with my client this morning. We talked about how events and emails we sent out months ago were starting to show results now. I must say learning this was a sigh of relief, but also breathed life into the high quality work I try putting in. Whether it be link building, search engine optimization, blogging, or just outreach, Marketing takes time. My client would visit farmer markets in the Fall of 2013 and he started to see a steady stream of customer returning back in the Spring and Summer of 2014. Emails I sent out to bloggers were done in early Summer and bloggers were starting to roll in the Fall Time.

It takes time. Building leads, getting links, and finding customers. My advice is to use a strategy of short term gains with long term high quality contacts. Run quick campaigns that will bring a shot of consumers flying in, but make sure to take time out of every month to find the best events or leads.

Leads can be in the form of conventions, events, bloggers, journals, publishers, networking organizations, pretty much anything. However, this requires research, what you need to do is identify and reach out. It'll take a while, but once you get one things will start snowballing.



3 Easy Tips to Linkbuilding

3 Easy Tips to Link Building - Jason Khoo

I've just spent the last two hours writing about SEO for my company's blog so I'm in the mood for more SEO talk. Link building is one of those areas of online marketing that seems to get the least attention, however, it probably is one of the most important and effective. Link building is often seen as a science, and it rightfully is. However its application is far from being "scientific". I only say this not because I don't think those who are link builders don't do a legitimate job, trust me it is totally legit, I just think link building scares a lot of people away because the jargon used is so technical.

Here are some Laymen's tips on Link Building

1. Find local directories like Yellow Pages, Dineries, and Foursquare.

There are a surprising number of directories that exist in the world. Why does there need to be so many? I'm the wrong person to ask and I often myself that question when I work on SEO.

It is what it is though. It's a great opportunity for you to build links so whenever you have an hour I would suggest filling out some online forms for these directories.

Quick Tip: Create a Word Doc that has all of the info prior so you can just copy and paste every time. It's the worst to have to re type everything.

2. Reach out to blogs

Blogs are starting to take over the internet. Actually, they probably already have.

Use these blogs to your advantage. Send emails out to these bloggers and ask them if they would like to write a feature about your product or your business. You can offer them free trials, free products, free food in exchange for an honest review. Note the emphasis on honest.

ABE = Always be Ethical

If you can't seem to find any bloggers to help you, ask your friends to help you on social media. Tell them to link your website and review your product. It's small, but it's something and can get you started.

3. Talk to Local Businesses or your Friends who have Businesses

We all are just trying to make it in the online sphere. You can ask your friends or local businesses to help you by providing a link to your website. The best way is to make it organic. What I mean by this is to just write an organic blog post talking about your friend's product and how you want to support them and so on.

It doesn't take a ton of commitment for a link.




A Long Time Coming

Jason Khoo - A Long Time Coming

It's been two years since I officially started my dive into Marketing. For those two years I told myself that I would hold nothing back, that I was going to become a great Marketer. No Shortcuts, No Shadiness, No Cheating. Only Hard Work and Honest Marketing.

It's the end of my Summer in two weeks. This Summer I tried something new and shut myself up in my room every day (of course with the occasional road trip or day off) and studied, practiced, and read up on everything Marketing. I didn't let myself have any distractions, no part time jobs, no internships, no getaways. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were devoted to following the leading Marketers (Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Clark, Seth Godin) and their Content.

After the three months,  with continual practice and execution I have more confidence in my knowledge of Marketing.During this period I have started to form opinions, interesting topics for debates, and a need to communicate with others so that I'm not just some quite geek locked up in his parent's room. On top of that, if you are a Marketer, you know that a blog is extremely important. So here it is, my blog.

I always leave time to help, interact and communicate with people. I love to learn and I love to help people learn. So if your a novice or a leading expert who thinks I'm a total idiot who has it all wrong, Let me know :)