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3 Easy Tips to Linkbuilding

3 Easy Tips to Link Building - Jason Khoo

I've just spent the last two hours writing about SEO for my company's blog so I'm in the mood for more SEO talk. Link building is one of those areas of online marketing that seems to get the least attention, however, it probably is one of the most important and effective. Link building is often seen as a science, and it rightfully is. However its application is far from being "scientific". I only say this not because I don't think those who are link builders don't do a legitimate job, trust me it is totally legit, I just think link building scares a lot of people away because the jargon used is so technical.

Here are some Laymen's tips on Link Building

1. Find local directories like Yellow Pages, Dineries, and Foursquare.

There are a surprising number of directories that exist in the world. Why does there need to be so many? I'm the wrong person to ask and I often myself that question when I work on SEO.

It is what it is though. It's a great opportunity for you to build links so whenever you have an hour I would suggest filling out some online forms for these directories.

Quick Tip: Create a Word Doc that has all of the info prior so you can just copy and paste every time. It's the worst to have to re type everything.

2. Reach out to blogs

Blogs are starting to take over the internet. Actually, they probably already have.

Use these blogs to your advantage. Send emails out to these bloggers and ask them if they would like to write a feature about your product or your business. You can offer them free trials, free products, free food in exchange for an honest review. Note the emphasis on honest.

ABE = Always be Ethical

If you can't seem to find any bloggers to help you, ask your friends to help you on social media. Tell them to link your website and review your product. It's small, but it's something and can get you started.

3. Talk to Local Businesses or your Friends who have Businesses

We all are just trying to make it in the online sphere. You can ask your friends or local businesses to help you by providing a link to your website. The best way is to make it organic. What I mean by this is to just write an organic blog post talking about your friend's product and how you want to support them and so on.

It doesn't take a ton of commitment for a link.




Making Content Marketing Make Sense for You

Jason Khoo: Making Content Marketing Easy for You

Recently, if you noticed I haven't been able to post as much on my blog. (I know it's terrible!!!) My excuse is my school's organization, Entrepreneur Society. I have worked with the organization for four years and as I conclude my final year of college I am now a student adviser. Every week I spend hours researching, preparing, and prepping the new leadership to present educational and exciting information to our new members. Over the last 4 weeks I have been able to gain a new perspective on Content Marketing.

1. Content Marketing is easy when you are creating a product for your customer!

This is the one and ONLY bullet point today, but I am doing this because it is so important. Many businesses have a hard time coming up with the right content for it's customers. Creating stories and articles is pretty much a warp back to the anguish of High School Essays.

What I found though is that if your business/organization is focusing and creating a product that is centered around its customer, then the content marketing section of the business becomes no work at all. Our organization's goal is to help our members take their first step on starting their business. We create presentations, events, and worksheets that help stimulate the Entrepreneur mindset and give confidence to our members to take that leap of faith.

There is so much information that we would like to convey to our members, however, with only one hour a week there is only so much we can do. Here is where content marketing should come in! All those interesting stories, helpful supplements and worksheets we deliver through the different channels of marketing our organization takes part in.

So when thinking about how to convey this to your own business remember, what are all the stories that you wish you could tell your customer? What extra facts and info do you think will enhance the customer's experience? Answer questions like these and your content marketing experience will become ten times easier.



Going Out of Business: Should Marketing be to Blame?

Jason Khoo - Relationship between Marketing and Business Success

It's over. After a year of working with this Mexican Restaurant, they are closing. Sadness and insecurity pretty much are the emotions that have me overcome. I know better than to sulk, but I can't help feel a little dejected. The job was to help the store bring in more customers and it looks like I didn't bring them enough customers in time. This situation brings up a constant debate that I have battled with for a while.

How connected should marketing be with the success of the business. If the business fails does it mean your marketing failed?  

I feel very strongly about "marketing companies" who promise a marketing template/all in one solution for their clients. That's not good marketing, it should be catered, customized to the business. However, it makes me think about whether I am honestly doing a good job? Or am I just another college student promising the world to clients, only to end in a blaze of false hope and sloppy execution.

I want to make it clear, this IS NOT a post about frustration or the end of my journey. This simply is another stop that has brought this debate to the forefront of my thoughts. I am still reading, practicing, and executing new campaigns. The restaurant has another location and I will continue to help.

For any freelancers or marketers out there, please share your thoughts and experiences.