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Marketing - It Takes A While

Jason Khoo - Marketing, It Takes A While

I had a rewarding conversation with my client this morning. We talked about how events and emails we sent out months ago were starting to show results now. I must say learning this was a sigh of relief, but also breathed life into the high quality work I try putting in. Whether it be link building, search engine optimization, blogging, or just outreach, Marketing takes time. My client would visit farmer markets in the Fall of 2013 and he started to see a steady stream of customer returning back in the Spring and Summer of 2014. Emails I sent out to bloggers were done in early Summer and bloggers were starting to roll in the Fall Time.

It takes time. Building leads, getting links, and finding customers. My advice is to use a strategy of short term gains with long term high quality contacts. Run quick campaigns that will bring a shot of consumers flying in, but make sure to take time out of every month to find the best events or leads.

Leads can be in the form of conventions, events, bloggers, journals, publishers, networking organizations, pretty much anything. However, this requires research, what you need to do is identify and reach out. It'll take a while, but once you get one things will start snowballing.



Going Out of Business: Should Marketing be to Blame?

Jason Khoo - Relationship between Marketing and Business Success

It's over. After a year of working with this Mexican Restaurant, they are closing. Sadness and insecurity pretty much are the emotions that have me overcome. I know better than to sulk, but I can't help feel a little dejected. The job was to help the store bring in more customers and it looks like I didn't bring them enough customers in time. This situation brings up a constant debate that I have battled with for a while.

How connected should marketing be with the success of the business. If the business fails does it mean your marketing failed?  

I feel very strongly about "marketing companies" who promise a marketing template/all in one solution for their clients. That's not good marketing, it should be catered, customized to the business. However, it makes me think about whether I am honestly doing a good job? Or am I just another college student promising the world to clients, only to end in a blaze of false hope and sloppy execution.

I want to make it clear, this IS NOT a post about frustration or the end of my journey. This simply is another stop that has brought this debate to the forefront of my thoughts. I am still reading, practicing, and executing new campaigns. The restaurant has another location and I will continue to help.

For any freelancers or marketers out there, please share your thoughts and experiences.