Jason Khoo - A Long Time Coming

It's been two years since I officially started my dive into Marketing. For those two years I told myself that I would hold nothing back, that I was going to become a great Marketer. No Shortcuts, No Shadiness, No Cheating. Only Hard Work and Honest Marketing.

It's the end of my Summer in two weeks. This Summer I tried something new and shut myself up in my room every day (of course with the occasional road trip or day off) and studied, practiced, and read up on everything Marketing. I didn't let myself have any distractions, no part time jobs, no internships, no getaways. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were devoted to following the leading Marketers (Gary Vaynerchuk, Brian Clark, Seth Godin) and their Content.

After the three months,  with continual practice and execution I have more confidence in my knowledge of Marketing.During this period I have started to form opinions, interesting topics for debates, and a need to communicate with others so that I'm not just some quite geek locked up in his parent's room. On top of that, if you are a Marketer, you know that a blog is extremely important. So here it is, my blog.

I always leave time to help, interact and communicate with people. I love to learn and I love to help people learn. So if your a novice or a leading expert who thinks I'm a total idiot who has it all wrong, Let me know :)