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Going Out of Business: Should Marketing be to Blame?

Jason Khoo - Relationship between Marketing and Business Success

It's over. After a year of working with this Mexican Restaurant, they are closing. Sadness and insecurity pretty much are the emotions that have me overcome. I know better than to sulk, but I can't help feel a little dejected. The job was to help the store bring in more customers and it looks like I didn't bring them enough customers in time. This situation brings up a constant debate that I have battled with for a while.

How connected should marketing be with the success of the business. If the business fails does it mean your marketing failed?  

I feel very strongly about "marketing companies" who promise a marketing template/all in one solution for their clients. That's not good marketing, it should be catered, customized to the business. However, it makes me think about whether I am honestly doing a good job? Or am I just another college student promising the world to clients, only to end in a blaze of false hope and sloppy execution.

I want to make it clear, this IS NOT a post about frustration or the end of my journey. This simply is another stop that has brought this debate to the forefront of my thoughts. I am still reading, practicing, and executing new campaigns. The restaurant has another location and I will continue to help.

For any freelancers or marketers out there, please share your thoughts and experiences.