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Why Your Social Media Isn't Working

Jason Khoo - The Secret to Social Media Success

Social Media this, Facebook that, Instagram there! Social Media is the new cool kids in town and like any cool kids, we're all tired of hearing about it. Often you hear, "It's so easy to start.", "The potential is unmatched", and my favorite, "All the successful (cool) businesses are doing it." Now don't get me wrong, Social Media is an extremely important channel of marketing, but it isn't everything. After two years of managing social media campaigns one thing has become apparent. We are all focusing on the wrong thing, or most of us. Social Media is not the answer. It's content! 

What is This Content Marketing

The world of marketing is starting to jump on this buzzword and if you haven't jumped on, you should. Content Marketing is the general concept of marketing centered on the idea that you publish information and value to consumers.

Example: Nike

Nike does this exceptionally. (Quick Fun Fact: For the last 10 years I have ONLY purchased Nike shoes ---- Talk about being a lifetime customer!) 

Anyways back on point, Nike conducts marketing based on hiring superstar athletes to made beautiful ads and commercials. Beyond that though, Nike publishes great content. On YouTube they hire their athletes to create videos on how to play better basketball, how to run faster, what to wear to optimize your play. Nike takes it upon themselves to educate and immerse the customer in the sporting world. They hold marathons, create communities of runners, and even support Nike Fanboys who collect shoes. (I'm not one of them I promise!!! I actually buy shoes for walking and sports.)

Jason Khoo: Content Marketing - Nike

So the reason why I am bringing up Nike is because it is relevant and a great example. Social Media, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and other channels are USELESS if you don't have anything to say. If all you can talk about is your specials and that your store is on the corner of this avenue and that street, nobody cares. Be a dinner guest or a date that has class, a story to tell.

Have To Conduct Content Marketing

I've tried doing marketing for companies that would NOT commit to content and let me tell you, it gets pretty difficult. You have nothing to talk about, no one wants to listen, and its pretty much Social Media silence. It's just as awkward and frustrating as having nothing to talk about with your date.  To truly market and engage your customers you need to add value to their life.

If you are saying to yourself, "What do I even talk about?" Think back to those childhood cartoons and remember, everyone has a story, everyone has something to say. If your client or business sells stuffed animals talk about how to properly take care of them or create stories for each model. If your client likes to paint, talk about the creative process, the story of the artist, or even talk about the power of colors.

Have Something to Say

Everyone has something to say, it's up to you as the marketer or business owner to look inside and find your story.

To end this talk about Content Marketing, I want to say, "Stop talking if you have nothing to say." Stop the constant Social Media Marketing if you don't have anything to talk about, PLEASE!