Jason Khoo: Stop Thinking You Need to be An Expert

For years I waited to write this blog because I thought I was a noob. Why would anyone want to read or listen to anything that I had to say. So I decided to wait to get more experience before really committing to blogging. However, I was mistaken. You do not have to be an expert to be followed and listened to. Just look at who you talk to when you talk about workouts for your abs. The friend you know who goes to the gym. Where do you go look for food recommendations? Yelp. Your friend who happens to go to the gym or the millions of Yelp users are FAR from experts. They are just people who are similar to us trying to achieve a common goal. We give these people our complete attention though when it comes to product reviews online and Yelp ratings.

So stop thinking you need to be an expert. As long as you are honestly trying to reach a certain goal you have every right to share information.