Jason Khoo - Taqueros Mexican Restaurant Case Study

Taqueros Mexican Restaurant 

One of my oldest clients, Taqueros has been a long journey. Working closely for years with the owner, Gustavo Lezama, I have helped the store find its brand and marketing presence.

Serving authentic Mexican food in a quick service environment, Taqueros is a Southern California native's ideal Mexican Fast Food Restaurant. With their home located in the heart of San Juan Capistrano, Taqueros has had an extremely interesting introduction to the market.

Sitting at the front of a densely Mexican community, Taqueros is the optimal location for all in the community. However, San Juan Capistrano features a demographic with 90% identifying as Caucasian. 

Currently with a fusion of Mexican homage food, the restaurant is conducting strategies to reach out to their Mexican brethren but also reach out to the other 90% of the demographic by introducing them to quick, authentic, delicious Mexican Food. 

Jason Khoo - Taqueros Mexican Restaurant Website

Website & SEO work

With a lack of an online presence, Taqueros desperately needed a well constructed site for their potential customers to reference. Coordinating with a local Web Designer, a small budget, and knowledge of best Web practices Taqueros was able to get their site up and running in 2 months. 

The site also includes constant monitoring and updating to stay ahead of all SEO trends in order to start growing the authority and ranking online. As a newcomer to the San Juan community, Taqueros has had to fight an uphill battle. However, with the help of organized Search Engine Optimization techniques, the store has slowly started to find a footing in the online sphere of local San Juan Capistrano marketing. 

Visit the website here!

Branding & Design

Taqueros Mexican Restaurant Email Club

Working alongside local graphic designers and Taqueros management, we were able to successfully re-brand the company. Once I started working with the company, their designs all featured a heavy black with green font. By no means were the designs poorly created, they just were not in correlation with the vision and culture of the store. 

The owner wanted to create a store that gave off a culture of family. Family was extremely important and their culture was too. My job was to help the restaurant slowly create designs that reflected the culture and vibe they were trying to achieve. However, this is easier said than done when you take into account the budget of a local mom and pop shop. Thus with a slow progression through social media and email designs we began to integrate new stylistic changes. Slowly the store and it's marketing material began to reflect this new change. 

Jason Khoo - Taqueros Mexican Restaurant Banner

In the past two years, Taqueros has moved its operations to San Juan Capistrano, and the restaurant has a stronger hold on its identity and culture. New customers come in to Taqueros Mexican Restaurant not only loving the food but also admiring the heritage and aesthetic appeal of the Taqueros Design. 

The brand and design of the store is constantly evolving. To visit the great work of the designer who helped create all the material, check out Jonathan Kwok. 


Case Study: Stamp Cards and Data


For Taqueros Mexican Restaurant the number one priority was to understand the customer better. The main goal was to figure out where most of our customers traveled from and the average age. It’s no secret though that consumers are weary of giving out their personal information.

TaquerosMexicanRestaurant StampCard Back

Thus we created a loyalty program that could not only increase traffic to the store, but also provide us information that could help us move our marketing efforts forward. By designing a card that functioned much like any loyalty card, we rewarded those customers who came in frequently. By 10 stamps, they would get $5 off their 10th order. Where it gets interesting though is that if customers fill out the back of the card they will automatically earn three stamps. The information requested is Name, Birthday and Address. Simple as that.

What is beautiful about this program is its win-win strategy for both sides. Consumers save $15 by filling out the back and on the Taqueros side we can obtain information. With this information we can then start creating maps that show us the neighborhoods and market that bring the most traffic.

From there the program becomes even more powerful as we can start creating relationships with those who have completed the cards multiple times. We can send them exclusive coupons and company announcements so that they can feel special and well taken care of by the restaurant.