People Who Want the Best With the Lowest Budget...

Are the worst!!!

I'm all for getting a bargain, but if your in the service industry you'll know how much it sucks. A lot of people spend years of work and time to get good at what they do.

They do this so that they can make sure they can provide a high quality of service.

But every so often - er scratch that - all the time service professionals get that person who thinks they are some hot shot negotiator.

They want the most value for the lowest price. 

That's Human, We Want the Best Deal

But seriously, let's not just completely skewer a guy out of any profit and completely screw him over. 

Common reasons for wanting such a good deal:

  • This will be great exposure for you
  • This will really help for your portfolio
  • The experience you'll gain will be invaluable
  • My nephew in college said he could do it for way cheap
  • All you do is click and type on the computer, how can it be so expensive

The best advice I never listened to was run for the hills when I saw these red flags. Can you imagine studying for years, starting a business and toiling away working on great projects. 

You build a beautiful website, create a bomb marketing campaign, implement some great email automation systems.

You have a great track record, but then a potential client completely attempts to shoot your credibility by asking you to do it for "experience" or "potential".

It's hard not to take that offensively and you know what, many of us do. 

Pay the Price for the Best Work

Getting the cheapest service and work you can will usually lead you to sub par work that your unable to do anything with. 

You have to think of these things as investments and not costs. 

Like Marge Simpson says, Homer is always getting the cheapest (and also picking by the funniest name, which personally I think would be a GREAT way to live!).

And you know what you get it, a ton of other hardships because you didn't want to pay someone to do the complete job. 

Honestly, I'm a little hangry writing this, but I don't feel sorry for those people who have bad experiences with low quality service professionals.

You weren't willing to pay the price for good service and now your probably 2 steps backwards and have to pay more to get it done right.

Those are the lessons you and everyone else needs to learn when entering these kinds of businesses. 

And For the Love of God...

Do not ask for a discount from the high quality guys when some low quality, cheap person did a poor job. 

It literally was not our doing for you to have went that direction. You decided to go that route and take a gamble on the cheap option.

However, that business/service person who did a poor job and subsequently created a poor portrayal of creatives is now our responsibility. 

Because that person decided they were more about the cheap transaction and profit, when many of us painstakingly do the best job we can at an affordable rate, yes us, now we are responsible for the actions of that one bad apple.

Stop disrespecting hardworking people out there. 

Don't ask for a discount because you worked with a con men. When you do so, your asking us to take the hit for you.