Today's video is brought to you in Spanish. This is because there just isn't a video out there that has the section I'm looking for in English. 

Which makes me start to think about starting to do it myself. 

The video, though in Spanish, still does a good job of conveying what's going on. 

People Love Brand Mascots

Company mascots are almost something of the past. They seem childish and kitschy. But when you start to realize how many companies actually still use brand mascots, you start to get a little embarrassed.

Some great examples include Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man in the World and whatever you call Old Spice's mascot.

Geico has the Gecko, Flow and a buttload of other mascots. 

Lots of your favorite sports teams have mascots. So if you think about it, most of the brands and companies you interact with have some designated company mascot. 

(I'm a Laker fan. We don't have a mascot, cuz we are that much better ;))

Mascots Reach A Level Of Perfection We Can Only Aspire To Be

Company mascots are personas that make a certain brand more relate able and likable. Therefore, when they are created, they are made in a light that makes you want to aspire to be them. 

That's at least how it use to be. The use of mascots is almost more humorous and comedic now. 

This is probably because the public has stopped responding to over the top, perfect figures that companies constructed.

Now brands poke fun at themselves and the very idea of mascots by using funny mascots. The Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World does talk about how awesome he is, but it isn't in an aspirational way. It's really in a ridiculous way. 

When You Realize Mascots are Just Stereotypes in the Flesh...

Thought mascots are all great for laughs, when you start to realize that they are also forms of stereotyping, it makes it a little awkward.

When you watch the video attached, the most alarming part is stereotyping the Italian matriarch figure. 

For now, these will probably be okay but as time moves on, companies and brands may want to stay away from anything in the flesh. 

As of now, most big name brands do a great job keeping their mascots socially friendly. Then there are brands like the Washington Redskins that make you wonder how the hell can something like that be acceptable by today's standards. 

At the end of the day, mascots still are an effective, amusing tool that many companies still use. As consumers have gotten smarter, it seems like brands are. 

I hope this means mascots over time will become better. Maybe they will be funnier? More personal? The possibilities are endless.

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