Quick Tip: You only need to watch until 1:10. Anything after is for your viewing pleasure :)

Product Placement on Steroids 

This entire episode is a hoot to me. However, the very fact that the church gets sponsored just cracks me up. 

Because as blasphemous as it seems, it already happens so much in our modern society. 

As you can see on the walls, multiples businesses and corporations are helping fund the church for a more comfortable experience. In cartoon form, it almost sounds too ridiculous.

When you think about your own world, you start to realize how things never changed. 

Just Jump on Instagram or Any Blog

Once you peruse over to a blog or Instagram, you'll find very quickly that product placement - er' I mean Influencer Marketing - is everywhere. 

Its the new way to get your product out there. And the only reason it is so in use is because as the major players of TV and cable start to die out, new social media and internet influencers have taken more power. 

Our day to day lives are heavily influenced.

Yours and my favorite athletes wear equipment given/sponsored. Our favorite characters or personalities have certain companies backing them.

It's Not To Say That It's All Bad

At the end of the day corporate sponsorship isn't pure evil. As many of the church goers in the video express, there are some positives to it all. 

The church experience becomes more comfortable and exciting. And at the end of the day, if you are engaging more customers/patrons/people, isn't the church accomplishing its goal.

Where they went wrong though is when the message of the church gets lost. It isn't in the clip attached, but right before the video starts the pastor has to give an embarassing read of a local business and then invite a company mascot to come up and talk. 

The Platform Can't Lose Its Message

I honestly think that most companies do not willingly try to destroy a platform. They aren't trying to pillage and take the soul out of those they work with, but it unintentionally happens. 

When we have bills to pay and goals to meet, we quickly forget to take the time to create sponsorships that are immersive and meaningful. 

To fellow marketers, we have to find a way where sponsorship, product placement or influencer marketing actually enhances the experiences for the platform. How can we augment the experience so that the patrons of the platform will return.

When you look through blogs and Instagram models, you quickly see that the platforms are being inundated with business and marketing messages. 

I don't know where the saying comes from or the exact wording, but the idea is that if you build a platform for people, people will ruin it. 

Influencer Marketing is Down the Drain, How Can Marketers Move Forward

Obviously influencer marketing is pretty much a lost cause. It's a formula. Get a bunch of followers and then get companies to sponsor you. 

Hopeful "entrepreneurs" if we can call them that are trying to get the followers not to build a community, but rather to get a quick profit. Companies want the easiest, simple route to get their product out there so they can increase their sales. 

This is what happened to product placements. The quality of product placements were few and far between. 

It's a hopeless cry, but hopefully we can take small steps to make marketing better. We can move forward with new forms of marketing that don't exploit and destroy platforms. 

That way consumers don't abhor radio commercials, TV advertisements, or outrageous spammy Instagram sponsorships. 

It can get better, we just have to take the time to create a strong, unified experience with the customer in mind.