Door to Door salesman. They are a dying breed, one that many of us are happy to see go. Of course, we don't mind the occasional girl scout troop or kid selling candy. For the most part though, its a pretty big no no.

And if you have a white short sleeve, black tie and a bible in your pocket, that's pretty much the worst of the door to door salesman. 

The Modern Day Door to Door Salesman

The modern day door to door salesman looks a little different. Instead of knocking on your door, they come stumbling into your inbox.

Instead of saying "Your Baby is Dead!", subject lines will read,

"SEO + Marketing Proposal" or "Time is Running Out!" 

You've probably seen all of these kind of emails. I'm an SEO myself and I hate these SEO emails. 

Scare Tactics

My favorite part of the video is from 1:07 to 1:35

It's a classic marketing and sales tactic. To scare the hell out of you. 

And if you've ever been in any sales meeting, conference calls or networking event, you'll know the hilarity of it all.

Salespeople and marketers want to find any possible weakness and problem you have and will try their absolute best to exploit it. 

And just like the sales lady from the video, even if things are rock solid, they will do anything to try to prove a point. 

A Love - Hate Relationship 

As a consumer I absolutely hate this kind of stuff.

As a business owner and marketer, I understand why you would have to do this. So I'm not about to go into this long discussion about whether or not this is good or bad, but there is one thing I can say.

Don't be as ridiculous as this lady. Don't force it. Sell if someone needs your service, if they don't, chill dude, move on to the next one.