Yes, That's Right The Simpsons Teaching Marketing & Business

You might be asking why I'm trying to write about business and marketing lessons through the Simpsons.

1st off, WHY NOT?!

Okay, for real let me explain why I'm doing this.

Ever since high school, I've developed a habit of watching TV before I sleep. It would always be comedies. This ranged from Community, The Office, 30 Rock and starting in 2016, the Simpsons. 

I would watch about 3 episodes a night before drifting to sleep. After watching the Simpsons 3 or 4 times through, I started noticing classic business cliches and lessons in the show.

Of course the show is satirical in nature, but I believe the writers did a great job taking a different spin on these classic marketing examples. 

What Your Going to Get Out of This

I think it'd be a crime to make the Simpsons boring. As the show that has helped me fall asleep, I couldn't do that to the show. 

Rather, I'm just going make fun commentary on the business cliche that the certain section of the show is exposing.

Why I'm Doing This 

I've been trying to improve my writing for a long time. I've gone through stretches where I would write every single day and then go months without writing again.

Its pretty much my version of dieting. I just couldn't keep up the habit. 

But in an attempt to get back into the mode, I now don't have a goal of writing one post a day. I now have a goal of writing at least 2 posts a day!

So this is either going to go really well or come crashing down in a fiery blaze.