You Get What You Pay For


You Get What You Pay For

People Who Want the Best With the Lowest Budget...

Are the worst!!!

I'm all for getting a bargain, but if your in the service industry you'll know how much it sucks. A lot of people spend years of work and time to get good at what they do.

They do this so that they can make sure they can provide a high quality of service.

But every so often - er scratch that - all the time service professionals get that person who thinks they are some hot shot negotiator.

They want the most value for the lowest price. 

That's Human, We Want the Best Deal

But seriously, let's not just completely skewer a guy out of any profit and completely screw him over. 

Common reasons for wanting such a good deal:

  • This will be great exposure for you
  • This will really help for your portfolio
  • The experience you'll gain will be invaluable
  • My nephew in college said he could do it for way cheap
  • All you do is click and type on the computer, how can it be so expensive

The best advice I never listened to was run for the hills when I saw these red flags. Can you imagine studying for years, starting a business and toiling away working on great projects. 

You build a beautiful website, create a bomb marketing campaign, implement some great email automation systems.

You have a great track record, but then a potential client completely attempts to shoot your credibility by asking you to do it for "experience" or "potential".

It's hard not to take that offensively and you know what, many of us do. 

Pay the Price for the Best Work

Getting the cheapest service and work you can will usually lead you to sub par work that your unable to do anything with. 

You have to think of these things as investments and not costs. 

Like Marge Simpson says, Homer is always getting the cheapest (and also picking by the funniest name, which personally I think would be a GREAT way to live!).

And you know what you get it, a ton of other hardships because you didn't want to pay someone to do the complete job. 

Honestly, I'm a little hangry writing this, but I don't feel sorry for those people who have bad experiences with low quality service professionals.

You weren't willing to pay the price for good service and now your probably 2 steps backwards and have to pay more to get it done right.

Those are the lessons you and everyone else needs to learn when entering these kinds of businesses. 

And For the Love of God...

Do not ask for a discount from the high quality guys when some low quality, cheap person did a poor job. 

It literally was not our doing for you to have went that direction. You decided to go that route and take a gamble on the cheap option.

However, that business/service person who did a poor job and subsequently created a poor portrayal of creatives is now our responsibility. 

Because that person decided they were more about the cheap transaction and profit, when many of us painstakingly do the best job we can at an affordable rate, yes us, now we are responsible for the actions of that one bad apple.

Stop disrespecting hardworking people out there. 

Don't ask for a discount because you worked with a con men. When you do so, your asking us to take the hit for you. 


Brand Mascots - The Closest to Perfection Humanity Has Ever Attained


Brand Mascots - The Closest to Perfection Humanity Has Ever Attained

Today's video is brought to you in Spanish. This is because there just isn't a video out there that has the section I'm looking for in English. 

Which makes me start to think about starting to do it myself. 

The video, though in Spanish, still does a good job of conveying what's going on. 

People Love Brand Mascots

Company mascots are almost something of the past. They seem childish and kitschy. But when you start to realize how many companies actually still use brand mascots, you start to get a little embarrassed.

Some great examples include Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man in the World and whatever you call Old Spice's mascot.

Geico has the Gecko, Flow and a buttload of other mascots. 

Lots of your favorite sports teams have mascots. So if you think about it, most of the brands and companies you interact with have some designated company mascot. 

(I'm a Laker fan. We don't have a mascot, cuz we are that much better ;))

Mascots Reach A Level Of Perfection We Can Only Aspire To Be

Company mascots are personas that make a certain brand more relate able and likable. Therefore, when they are created, they are made in a light that makes you want to aspire to be them. 

That's at least how it use to be. The use of mascots is almost more humorous and comedic now. 

This is probably because the public has stopped responding to over the top, perfect figures that companies constructed.

Now brands poke fun at themselves and the very idea of mascots by using funny mascots. The Dos Equis Most Interesting Man In The World does talk about how awesome he is, but it isn't in an aspirational way. It's really in a ridiculous way. 

When You Realize Mascots are Just Stereotypes in the Flesh...

Thought mascots are all great for laughs, when you start to realize that they are also forms of stereotyping, it makes it a little awkward.

When you watch the video attached, the most alarming part is stereotyping the Italian matriarch figure. 

For now, these will probably be okay but as time moves on, companies and brands may want to stay away from anything in the flesh. 

As of now, most big name brands do a great job keeping their mascots socially friendly. Then there are brands like the Washington Redskins that make you wonder how the hell can something like that be acceptable by today's standards. 

At the end of the day, mascots still are an effective, amusing tool that many companies still use. As consumers have gotten smarter, it seems like brands are. 

I hope this means mascots over time will become better. Maybe they will be funnier? More personal? The possibilities are endless.

Now Enjoy This Amazing Gif




Influencer Marketing - Product Placement on Steroids


Influencer Marketing - Product Placement on Steroids

Quick Tip: You only need to watch until 1:10. Anything after is for your viewing pleasure :)

Product Placement on Steroids 

This entire episode is a hoot to me. However, the very fact that the church gets sponsored just cracks me up. 

Because as blasphemous as it seems, it already happens so much in our modern society. 

As you can see on the walls, multiples businesses and corporations are helping fund the church for a more comfortable experience. In cartoon form, it almost sounds too ridiculous.

When you think about your own world, you start to realize how things never changed. 

Just Jump on Instagram or Any Blog

Once you peruse over to a blog or Instagram, you'll find very quickly that product placement - er' I mean Influencer Marketing - is everywhere. 

Its the new way to get your product out there. And the only reason it is so in use is because as the major players of TV and cable start to die out, new social media and internet influencers have taken more power. 

Our day to day lives are heavily influenced.

Yours and my favorite athletes wear equipment given/sponsored. Our favorite characters or personalities have certain companies backing them.

It's Not To Say That It's All Bad

At the end of the day corporate sponsorship isn't pure evil. As many of the church goers in the video express, there are some positives to it all. 

The church experience becomes more comfortable and exciting. And at the end of the day, if you are engaging more customers/patrons/people, isn't the church accomplishing its goal.

Where they went wrong though is when the message of the church gets lost. It isn't in the clip attached, but right before the video starts the pastor has to give an embarassing read of a local business and then invite a company mascot to come up and talk. 

The Platform Can't Lose Its Message

I honestly think that most companies do not willingly try to destroy a platform. They aren't trying to pillage and take the soul out of those they work with, but it unintentionally happens. 

When we have bills to pay and goals to meet, we quickly forget to take the time to create sponsorships that are immersive and meaningful. 

To fellow marketers, we have to find a way where sponsorship, product placement or influencer marketing actually enhances the experiences for the platform. How can we augment the experience so that the patrons of the platform will return.

When you look through blogs and Instagram models, you quickly see that the platforms are being inundated with business and marketing messages. 

I don't know where the saying comes from or the exact wording, but the idea is that if you build a platform for people, people will ruin it. 

Influencer Marketing is Down the Drain, How Can Marketers Move Forward

Obviously influencer marketing is pretty much a lost cause. It's a formula. Get a bunch of followers and then get companies to sponsor you. 

Hopeful "entrepreneurs" if we can call them that are trying to get the followers not to build a community, but rather to get a quick profit. Companies want the easiest, simple route to get their product out there so they can increase their sales. 

This is what happened to product placements. The quality of product placements were few and far between. 

It's a hopeless cry, but hopefully we can take small steps to make marketing better. We can move forward with new forms of marketing that don't exploit and destroy platforms. 

That way consumers don't abhor radio commercials, TV advertisements, or outrageous spammy Instagram sponsorships. 

It can get better, we just have to take the time to create a strong, unified experience with the customer in mind. 


"Your Baby Is Dead!" - Door to Door Salesman


"Your Baby Is Dead!" - Door to Door Salesman

Door to Door salesman. They are a dying breed, one that many of us are happy to see go. Of course, we don't mind the occasional girl scout troop or kid selling candy. For the most part though, its a pretty big no no.

And if you have a white short sleeve, black tie and a bible in your pocket, that's pretty much the worst of the door to door salesman. 

The Modern Day Door to Door Salesman

The modern day door to door salesman looks a little different. Instead of knocking on your door, they come stumbling into your inbox.

Instead of saying "Your Baby is Dead!", subject lines will read,

"SEO + Marketing Proposal" or "Time is Running Out!" 

You've probably seen all of these kind of emails. I'm an SEO myself and I hate these SEO emails. 

Scare Tactics

My favorite part of the video is from 1:07 to 1:35

It's a classic marketing and sales tactic. To scare the hell out of you. 

And if you've ever been in any sales meeting, conference calls or networking event, you'll know the hilarity of it all.

Salespeople and marketers want to find any possible weakness and problem you have and will try their absolute best to exploit it. 

And just like the sales lady from the video, even if things are rock solid, they will do anything to try to prove a point. 

A Love - Hate Relationship 

As a consumer I absolutely hate this kind of stuff.

As a business owner and marketer, I understand why you would have to do this. So I'm not about to go into this long discussion about whether or not this is good or bad, but there is one thing I can say.

Don't be as ridiculous as this lady. Don't force it. Sell if someone needs your service, if they don't, chill dude, move on to the next one. 


Marketing & Business Lessons from the Simpsons


Marketing & Business Lessons from the Simpsons

Yes, That's Right The Simpsons Teaching Marketing & Business

You might be asking why I'm trying to write about business and marketing lessons through the Simpsons.

1st off, WHY NOT?!

Okay, for real let me explain why I'm doing this.

Ever since high school, I've developed a habit of watching TV before I sleep. It would always be comedies. This ranged from Community, The Office, 30 Rock and starting in 2016, the Simpsons. 

I would watch about 3 episodes a night before drifting to sleep. After watching the Simpsons 3 or 4 times through, I started noticing classic business cliches and lessons in the show.

Of course the show is satirical in nature, but I believe the writers did a great job taking a different spin on these classic marketing examples. 

What Your Going to Get Out of This

I think it'd be a crime to make the Simpsons boring. As the show that has helped me fall asleep, I couldn't do that to the show. 

Rather, I'm just going make fun commentary on the business cliche that the certain section of the show is exposing.

Why I'm Doing This 

I've been trying to improve my writing for a long time. I've gone through stretches where I would write every single day and then go months without writing again.

Its pretty much my version of dieting. I just couldn't keep up the habit. 

But in an attempt to get back into the mode, I now don't have a goal of writing one post a day. I now have a goal of writing at least 2 posts a day!

So this is either going to go really well or come crashing down in a fiery blaze. 



"The Customer is Always Right, That's What Everyone Likes About Us"


"The Customer is Always Right, That's What Everyone Likes About Us"

Let's Get One Thing Straight. Customers, you aren't usually right!

I love this clip because as a person that is both a digital marketer but also someone who has started a business you realize something dark.

You go into business to make a difference, to answer to nobody. You do it to be "your own boss".

Yeah, that's all beautiful and rosy, but what you essentially become is a slave to customers. Customers who don't usually know what the hell they are talking about. They know that 9 out of 10 times, they will get what they want.

And, if by chance one day you decide to put your foot down with customers, be prepared to see a strongly worded Yelp review warning everyone in the community about how evil this business is. 

The Only Thing Worse Than Customers Is Clients

If your a digital marketer, you can put all your time and effort into a campaign, just for some haters and trolls to rip it into shreds.

And when you go talk to your team or higher ups, all your going to get back in return is, "Customer is king" or better yet, "the client is always right". 

Do you feel that? 

That thing rising in your back. Yeah that's tension. And I'm getting it too just writing this. But this is the life we chose.

So make sure you sign up for those Yoga classes, get that venti coffee and watch the cutest kitten videos you can because it isn't going to change for a while.

Or you could do what Homer does...

Thank you modern day customers :) 

We Can Dream Though, Maybe One Day We'll Have Our Own Bag Boy Strike...