The Quickly Chinese Food Account has  revolved around a graphic design relationship with occasional marketing consultancy. Helping the business coordinate photographers, web designers, and myself we have been able to create a stronger and more professional brand for the local Fullerton Quickly.



Utilizing a cleaner picture oriented design, we have designed a menu that is not only more visually appealing, but also easier to read. The design and brightness of the photos have allowed Quickly to properly convey a sense of quality and authenticity. Quickly had been battling this issue for a while as they had been seen as an equivalent to a Chinese fast food restaurant.


Local Bus Advertisements

With a prime location next to California State University Fullerton and Troy High School, Quickly needed to increase its exposure to these markets. With a deadline fast approaching, my team was able to put together a bus ad design that would be featured on over 4 ads across the city.

Meeting the deadline with hours to spare and coordinating with the advertising company itself, Quickly was soon proud owners of four bus advertisements in strategic locations around student centered neighborhoods.


Local Outreach

In addition to design work, Quickly has also begun outreach with local organizations. Some of these are based on personal recommendations. Some of these relationships include promotional campaigns with local student housing and cultural fairs. All these events require proper signage and items that will draw more traffic. Below include some material prepared for Quickly. 

Specials Poster (Outlines).jpg
Jason Khoo - Quickly Hot Pot Poster