Jason Khoo - Play & Splash Logo

Play & Splash

Play and Splash, located in Fullerton, was a start up company that offered an exciting opportunity for growth and problem solving. Their story started with an engineer who spent over 7 years in the Splash Pad industry who came out with an idea. Launching a new product, the Portable Splash Pad, Play & Splash is poised to change the game of Splash Pads and Water Play. 

Website Design 

Jason Khoo - Play & Splash Website

Though not a graphic designer, this project was for a start up. Thus money was a factor and there was not an unlimited budget. Thus I decided to roll up my sleeves and get designing. Thus I created a visually dominant website that was compelling and allowed for a proper introduction of a Portable Splash Pad while still keeping users interested. 

Utilizing the power of SquareSpace, I was able to create a full fledged website for Play & Splash complete with a gallery, eCommerce system and a blog.