Click the wrong link? You meant to scroll past the results but you accidentally clicked on that site selling furniture.

Thinking you can save yourself from having to look at yet another site you madly click back as the screen does that split second white transition. Hopefully if your internet, browser, and your index finder were fast enough, you got out of there in time.

You narrowly avoided an awkward exchange with you having to stare at a website that you could care less about. Now in the clear, you go about happily scrolling away. 

Like any scary movie though, it is FAR from over

Work is hard. Your on the computer anyway, might as well hop on over to Facebook. This time your scrolling through again. of overly dramatized burgers and fries. Oh, look another image telling me "love yourself, don't listen to anyone else". Funny Vine?! Look around to see if anyone is in the vicinity, then watch the video and laugh the next 6 seconds away. 

Then all of a sudden

your mistake reappears.

How could this have happened? The coincidence is too eerie. But how? You escaped already! You hit the back button as fast as you could! 

Realization hits. know should know this. Its remarketing at its finest. Now all of a sudden to Facebook, Google and the internet marketing world, you LOVE and NEED furniture. Now the next couple of weeks will be random pictures of love seats or tables that you don't need.

Of course it is just an ad. Nobody even likes them in the first place, but there is just something about knowing that your error led to the presentation of the most random unnecessary ads.Then on another level you hate that the internet thinks that about you. I'm not a furniture enthusiast and I'm not looking. You just want the internet to know the real you. It's too late though.

You made the mistake and now you have to live with it. (At least for a couple weeks)