Congratulations. You have found my blog, Internet Marketer Problems.

The purpose is to bring some much needed light-hearted laughs and fun to the marketing world. I've participated in the Marketing industry for about three years, so I guess you could say I am still a newcomer. However, that does't mean I'm not aware of the utter drudge that is marketing content. Its endless articles about "Why You NEED To Do This!" or "5 (or whatever numerical number) tools that will make your clients love you". Don't get me wrong, these articles are often riddled with great information and can be extremely educational. But with that, there is a ton of content that is just plain bad. If it isn't bad, it just becomes redundant. Different writers and marketers ironing out posts that all follow the same templates. You know what I mean, the 250 - 500 words per blog post, images, numerical headlines or an overly exaggerated headline. 

So again, not trying to say that all of that is bad because you know what, I do the same thing. I continually churn out blog posts that can help my agency increase its standing in the marketing and small business world. So you know what, maybe other people think that my blog posts are just as bad. Honestly it doesn't matter in context with this blog.

The Ultimate Goal 

The ultimate goal is to just have some lighthearted fun. I want this blog to be a place where I can personally and creatively vent/laugh about what my life has become as a online marketer. Hopefully you'll see the humor of it as well. We online marketers need to embrace the fun, creative and silly side. So lets get some laughs on.