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Entrepreneur Society 

Home to California State University Fullerton, Entrepreneur Society is a student run organization devoted to spreading the passion for entrepreneurship. Over the last four years I have committed a major amount of my time to furthering the cause and helping other students begin their journey into Entrepreneurship. 

Serving as many positions including President and Vice President of Marketing, Entrepreneur Society depicts much of the marketing work that I have been able to complete. In addition, I have been able to see many of my fellow entrepreneurs grow their business while serving on the board. I take pride in helping other students gain the confidence and the network necessary to take their first step to launch their business. With Entrepreneur Society, the organization helped me launch my consultancy business. My goal is to give back to as many people what ES had given to me. 

10 for 10 Series

Entrepreneur Society 10 for 10 Series

The 10 for 10 Series is one of the pride and joys of my marketing career. After finally getting the opportunity in my final year in the organization I led one partner in launching a new marketing campaign. It was called the 10 for 10 series.  

This campaign was focused on content marketing. By interviewing 10 different entrepreneurs who had went through the Entrepreneur Society program, we were able to create highly engaging and fun content for users. The goal was to educate and spread awareness about the successful five years our organization had achieved. Utilizing our content marketing strategy, Entrepreneur Society was able to launch a student run campaign that was the first of its kind.

Web Development & Social Media

From the  years 2011 to 2015 I coordinated all online marketing efforts for Entrepreneur Society. By developing two generations of the Entrepreneur Society website, building an email club, and growing our Facebook page from its start to over 1000 like I have seen major success. Utilizing a blend of graphic design and timely publications, our organization boasts one of the strongest online presence on campus. This feat is amplified by the fact that Entrepreneurship is by far one of the smallest majors on campus in addition to the business college. 

This feat by no means was a solo mission, however with the coordination of upstart photographers, brilliant graphic designers, and well thought out content, our page has seen unbridled success.  This experience has provided me the know how and experience to coordinate a successful social media campaign that involves both content marketing and community building. 

With a determined commitment to quality, Entrepreneur Society has been able to maintain a great community and a professional, respected reputation among California State University Fullerton.