Jason Khoo: Shout out to Seth Godin's New Book - It's Your Turn

Today I wanted to spend a minute and give a quick shout out to one of my Marketing role models, Seth Godin. This was the man who was one of the first men to really get me started on my Marketing career. I watched YouTube videos wide eyed with dreams and aspirations. I would go to sleep thinking about what this great man said. All this from a YouTube video! I follow his blog and even when I have almost no time to do leisure reading because of school, I still am subscribed to one blog! Of course this is Seth's! (Hope he doesn't mind if I call him that)

Well he has got a new book and it's one that I can't wait to get my hands on. There's a twist though! The book will not be available by retail just yet. He wants to change the game of publishing and test the waters of horizontal exchange. We know this works because of things like Social Media and Virality. I haven't even looked at the book but the daring concept itself is cool enough to be a part of.

I highly suggest everyone go to the site http://www.yourturn.link/ and check it out yourself!