JiahongJason - The need for Simplicity

The pyramids. Within the framework of our mind we simply know these monoliths as "they pyramids" However, within a couple split seconds of the word, our mind creates an image of a pyramid. The thousands and thousands of bricks, the elaborate labyrinth within, and the centuries that they have lasted. It is no doubt that these constructions inspire awe in us, heck I can't even build a properly looking sand castle, let alone build a pyramid!

Why do I bring up the pyramids? It is because it teaches a great lesson on how our minds work. As said earlier, an intense and incredulous amount of work was put into these pyramids. We can only guess how many died during its construction.

At the end of the day though, these pyramids are simply known as the pyramids. They are not known as the ancient monoliths constructed by thousands of slaves for pharaohs. Nope they are just pyramids.

Remember that everything we do is culminated often into one idea or a couple words. The mind cannot and will not remember a paragraph of information, nope, it will categorize. Ensure your marketing efforts follow the same. You don't have enough of a customer's mind time to get them to remember an essay. However, if you are able to set up a conceptual place in their mind, they will provide you more time and attention to your message.

Build your concept and convey it concisely. Just remember, the pyramids are simply, the pyramids.